Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans


EPS has been installing and maintaining Erosion Control BMPs in Nevada for over 16 Years implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs), including temporary erosion and sediment control devices, in a fast and effective manner. EPS utilizes a cost-saving strategy implementing BMPs that are reusable, an extremely valuable strategy proven to be very useful on dynamic construction sites. 

For land development, residential communities and habitat restoration projects, our SWPPP Compliance Specialist can create a SWPPP specifically for your project. We develop site-specific SWPPP designs derived from environmental knowledge and real world business, excavation and construction experience to help ensure regulatory agency compliance while minimizing SWPPP implementation and maintenance costs. Services tailored to fit your specific requirements and budget. 

The best SWPPP service for less than you'd think

EPS SWPPP Services are revered as the best, just ask our clients. Shouldn’t the best cost more? You’d think so, but our services are often found saving money for our clients in more ways than one. These services include SWPPP Services, BMP installation BMP Maintenance and Street Sweeping as well as Palliative and Polymeric dust control applications. With our expanded sweeper fleet, we are able to provide same day service to our clients.  All of our Street Sweepers are properly maintained and replaced frequently to ensure consistent performance.

SWPPP service as complete as you need

EPS services have been structured to be able to provide complete SWPPP coverage. By offering BMP Plans, BMP Installation, BMP Service, BMP Inspections and even BMP Consulting, we are able to either cover all SWPPP requirements or just the parts your project requires, should that be different.

BMP Plans

First we develop your BMP Plan together. Your EPSSWPPP Compliance Specialists listen and collaborate with you to ensure the demands of your construction project, no matter how unique, are accounted for.

BMP Installation

Next, your BMP plan is implemented by our EPS ground crew of SWPPP Compliance Practitioners. A careful and skillful installation of BMPs, excavation where required, and groundwork techniques set us up for successful service and maintenance.

BMP Service

The next group of EPS ground crew of SWPPP Compliance Practitioners (QSP) are now prepared to maintain each and every BMP of your effective SWPPP to keep your project in regulatory compliance

BMP Inspections

All aspects of your SWPPP BMPs and Erosion Control are now regularly inspected by your EPS Certified Compliance Inspectors of Stormwater (CCIS). Accessible within each EPS on-site sign, up-to-date digital inspection reports, maintaining compliance, are viewable from any mobile device.

BMP Consulting

With the years of experience we have in the world of SWPPP, BMPs and Erosion Control, we understand that we have an advantage regarding the ins and outs. We also know we're all in this together for a clean compliant Nevada. We encourage our clients to grow in their SWPPP knowledge. Thats why we offer BMP consulting to help you grow in your knowledge and understanding. The more you know, the better work we can do together, and together protect our waterways.