Team EPS

as Nevada as it gets

Our team is comprised of proud Nevadans who believe in protecting this great state and its great landscape that we’ve come to call our own. We’re hikers, backpackers, campers, nature lovers, and families. We are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and grandparents. We want what you want. Clean water, beautiful lakes, rivers and streams, and a thriving nature all around us. It’s our responsibility to ensure a clean and healthy future for generations to come.

Relentlessly protecting our waterways

Tailored SWPP & SWPP related Services

EPS is a Nevada based small business providing SWPPP and SWPP related services throughout Nevada. Clients range from state and federal government agencies to private entities, small and large developers. EPS has been installing and maintaining Erosion Control Best Management Practices (BMPs) in Nevada for over 16 years. BMPs, including temporary erosion and sediment control devices, are implemented in a fast and effective manner.

Using cost-saving strategies, EPS implements BMPs that are reusable, which is important on dynamic construction sites. For land development, residential communities and habitat restoration projects, your EPS Certified Erosion Stormwater Inspector (CESWI) can create a BMP plan specifically for your project.

Developing site-specific SWPPP designs combined with environmental knowledge, help ensure regulatory agency compliance while minimizing SWPPP implementation and maintenance costs. Services can be tailored to fit client specific requirements or budget constraints.

Guaranteed SWPPP

Zero Liability Guarantee means we are backing you our client, as your partner, in compliance to protect our waterways for a cleaner Nevada. The signs you see on jobsites are a testimony to the protection provided by our services.

Our Founder

Brian Breiter has grown up in the amazing Sierra Nevada mountains, enjoying the environment that surrounds us, with a first hand appreciation for our unique fresh water lakes and streams. Brian’s vision of a clean and sustained Nevada is the foundation for EPS, Environmental Protection Services.

With over 28 years of field construction experience, Brian’s primary focus is on erosion control and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP). As the founder of Environmental Protection Services, he is an integral part of establishing a successful working relationship with clients while insuring project safety, efficiency, and quality control.

Brian is dedicated to preserving wildlife habitat and cultural resources while focusing on minimizing the impact new construction can have on our precious lakes and streams. Imparting wisdom and insight to his employees with a hands-on approach, Brian is involved from the initial planning phase to the completion of the project, to ensure all work is performed to company standards.

Our Management

Our General Manager, Nevada proud outdoor enthusiast  Jeremy Kunter, applies a construction backed focus to all projects. Having a diverse background in the field, with experience as a project manager, Jeremy understands the complexities inherent in each job. Working with engineers, builders, superintendents and foremen toward efficiency and compliance is regular day to day activity. 

Overseeing all projects and an integral part of each SWPPP, management oversees all the disciplines necessary to develop, implement, and maintain the Best Management Practices (BMPs) necessary to reduce soil erosion, sediment and pollutants in Stormwater discharge. 

Certified Erosion Stormwater Inspectors (CESWI), Certified Compliance Inspectors of Stormwater (CCIS), as well as trained install and service technicians (IST) are on staff to develop plans, install BMPs and perform inspections as needed.

Our Crew

EPS Qualified SWPPP Developers : QSD

Your EPS Qualified SWPPP Developers (QSD) meet with you to understand the unique demands of each construction project. Each SWPPP, though sharing similarities in implementation, is approached individually and tailored to each project and to each client. All things are considered, from location and access, to soil conditions and terrain, to resources and supply, to timeline and budgetary concerns, so each SWPPP is on point, on time and on target.

EPS Certified Compliance Inspectors of Stormwater : CCIS

Your EPS Certified Compliance Inspectors of Stormwater (CCIS) are there to inspect all aspects of SWPPP BMPs and erosion control. Digital inspection reports, accessible within each EPS sign on-site from any mobile device, keep you up to date and compliant. With certified training, ground level SWPPP experience, as well as real-world construction knowledge, EPS inspectors know exactly what you need to stay in compliance, and how to best implement it.

EPS Qualified SWPPP Practitioners : QSP (Ground Crew)

Our EPS ground crew of Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSP) are the hard working trained individuals you see in the field installing and maintaining each and every BMP that makes up your effective SWPPP. From wattles to excavation, hydroseed to street sweeping, and everything in-between, our QSPs work together to keep your project in compliance and protect our waterways from stormwater pollution. EPS employs personnel that genuinely care about protecting our environment and the effects construction has on our precious water sources. Our EPS Ground Crew is at the heart of our service. As a dedicated part of the team, our crew is there through fair weather days as well as rough weather days. When the environment needs protecting, our team pulls together to provide top of the line service for planned installations as well as the surprises nature can bring.